Wednesday, 29 October 2008

2nd club speed session

Tonight was my 2nd club run - another speed session! It was the same distance and the same intervals as last week. Only tonight it felt easier, maybe because I knew what was coming. And tonight I was not the slowest, so I guess there is hope for me!
And I actually enjoyed the session, have I mentioned that?!
The only downside was that Thomas only did the warm up due to his injury from last week. So he really has to be careful and is now not too keen on these speed sessions.
I might do my 1st club race on Saturday, the Colin Shields Road Race, but only if we are not away for the weekend. If the weather is nice we might head off for a long walk in the autumn gold (there is hoping). The Lochaber HM in Fort William was originally on the programme, but has to be scrapped due to Tom's injury.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

My life as a reluctant runner

There it is. I have said it. I am a runner. Well, maybe if I repeat it a few more times, I will convince myself eventually…
Maybe I should look at the start list of the Devil every day to see my name there – that should get me to believe that I ‘d better consider myself a runner. Why else would I have entered an ultra run?!
And why would I have applied for membership at a running club if it wasn’t for running?
Well, maybe it is because I was threatened with divorce proceedings if I didn’t?
No, no, that is just a joke. Though Thomas seems rather happy that I am on “the” Devil’s list. It would be even better if I wasn’t such a slow runner though, he reckons. No, again not true. Really.
I am still reluctant to give up my “supporting role” though. Is this not what I am supposed to do?!
Yeah, as if!
Seriously, I still see the main objective of next year (as far as running is concerned) to help Thomas achieve his dream and FINISH the WHW Race. But it looks as if along the lines I have turned into a runner myself, setting myself small goals over the years with the occasional 10K, then my 1st HM in 2006, 2nd one in 2007 and then my 1st Marathon earlier this year. And now I actually enjoy running along trails and am looking forward to the 1st training run on the WHW with the “real runners” in November! How did this happen?
I still don’t like running in horizontal rain though and I always look forward to the end of the run when it is time to stretch, but maybe with time this will also change?!
You have probably noticed that my attitude towards my own running abilities is rather negative. It is all in my head, my husband tells me. I am usually quite a positive and optimistic person, but not when it comes to judging my own running capacities. Strange that.
Maybe the speed sessions in the club will help. Apropos speed session. This is where the problem starts. Thomas has picked up yet another injury during the one and only speed session last week. There is a collision of interest now. I think these sessions will be good for me, but it looks as if they are not for him. Looks like a short career in the club for him. The 10K Kilmacolm race did not happen because of this injury. But I hear there is a HM in Lochaber on Sunday?!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My 1st club run ...

Tonight Tom and I went for our 1st club run with Greenock Glenpark Harriers - a speed session! Halfway through I wished I had never encouraged Thomas to go along to the club - or at least not volunteered to tag along myself.

The run was 9.2 miles long - longer than I usually "run" - you probably can't even call it that after what I have seen tonight. And to my excuse I have not been running regularly for a few weeks now.
So the 2M "warmup" was at a faster pace than I usually "run" at. Needless to say I was at the back. But I was in good company - a nurse I had worked with at Inverclyde 9 years ago! This was her 1st speed session also, her HM time being similar to mine. So I tried to stay with her during the speed intervals. We were of course the slowest group. The intervals were long, very long and very very long! (800m, 1200m, 1600m=1mile) 2 of each and then the 2M run back to the club...
I have never done so much speed work in my life. They probably wondered why I was there, but luckily Thomas was in good form and ran with the fast group - that was reason enough to hand me an application form for membership as well at the end of the night!

What next? Well, there is a 10K race in Kilmacolm on Sunday and Thomas wants to enter....

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

COLOGNE MARATHON – 2:48:15 for Tom and 2:04:17 for me

Well, how brilliantly did Thomas run??!! A new PB of 2:48:15, breaking the 2:50 marker and getting not only among the first 100, but into 65th position!
Superb! Even more superb if you consider the weather conditions, a lot of rain (o.k.) and strong winds (not o.k.).
So while I knew he was fit, the weather forecast put doubt onto his target time. We had enrolled the support of my nephew & his girl-friend to hand Thomas the right drinks at the right time – and that also threatened his time at one point! Unfortunately they got lost and missed him at a crucial point between KM24 and KM35. But despite all this he got under 2:50. The evening was spent celebrating in a local brewery …

My own race on Inline-skates did not go according to plan. I was hoping to get under 2:00, in fact I joined a pace-line for 1:50, but because of the bad weather the decision was made by the group before the start to go for safety first and not think about the time. The main aim was to stay together in the group, for everyone to arrive in one piece and still enjoy the race. The slippery roads and obstacles like tram rails, road bends etc would not allow a fast pace.
So we headed off, there were 2 other skaters from Glasgow in my group of 7 and we all did in fact enjoy the thrill of skating in a pace-line, benefitting from the slip stream of the person in front of you, being pulled or even pushed if you were about to lose contact to the person in front, being cheered along by Samba bands, spectators, loud music etc.
We finished in 2:04:17 (386th from 1484 finishers), a PB for me by 4min but still not under 2:00 as hoped. Looks like unfinished business, but with my plan to concentrate on running I am not sure if I will skate another marathon soon – maybe if I can be guaranteed a dry and sunny day in Berlin next year?! Luckily the other 2 Glasgow skaters enjoyed their weekend in Cologne, especially the local beer and food after the race!