Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How did that happen?!

Did I not see it coming? Where were the signs to warn me?

But it is true. I must admit it. I have indeed applied for a place in next year’s WHW Race!

All I know is that I already had a very experienced support team in place before I even knew if I was going to enter. And there it starts, I can’t possibly disappoint them already, can I?

Well, I think I saw it coming though. The signs were there at this year’s race. Maybe even at last year’s. Having supported Thomas together with Nancy for the past 4 years I was very certain in the first 2 years that I was never going to try myself. Having done the Devil and then the Fling, by the time his 3rd attempt was near (and he was injured pre-race and all the drama around that), I was ready to just “take his place” and finally get that goblet, but luckily he did that himself. Not that I would have been allowed into the race at that stage but the first temptation was there. Then when everyone was getting ready to start at midnight in Milngavie this year, and I saw the first-timers, this thought crept into my head: I just wonder if I could do it too?! And throughout the weekend when you support and talk to others while waiting, I noticed that I did not categorically deny any comments that saw me running the following year. Big mistake!

So a few weeks after the race (with a 2nd goblet in the cabinet) at a post-race get-together Nancy and Katrina decided they were going to be my support team for next year’s WHWR. Being super experienced, they were ready to go! Oh, wait, I don’t even know if I am going to enter!

A few months down the line, I decided I was definitely going to do the Fling and the Devils in 2012. So if I was training for the Fling anyway, why not try and give the WHWR a go? And that is where I am at. I will be giving it a go. If I get a place, I will have a great support team and all I have to do is get the training done.

And that is where my 2 questionmarks are: I know how much time on feet it takes to train for the WHW Race. I always think I am not that kind of runner who has to go out running all the time. I can easily go without it. I am more a “runner by default”. If I was in Germany I would probably be part of an inline skating club and skate throughout the year with a bit of running as cross training. But that’s not possible here so I took up running. I am not addicted or hooked though and especially after work I find it difficult to motivate myself. I do enjoy reaching certain running goals though such as my PBs this year (having reached my target times I can lay those to rest now) and I really love being out on the trails, walking or running. So I know that if I get a place, I will have a training plan that I will follow and I will get ready for the challenge. And that will hopefully give us 2 new goblets making it 4 in total, enough for a small dinner party! J

My 2nd questionmark is Thomas. How will he get on without Nancy and myself? I have “offered” him Nancy so he would have at least 1 support crew member who he is used to (and who knows his “race behaviour”), but Nancy and Katrina are all set to support me together. I don’t want to leave him without his usual support crew and decrease his chances on a great race. But then again, a change in support crew might just be what he needs for a really great race! Who knows?!

And yes, there is a 3rd one. It is literally my Achilles. I have had an ongoing niggle for over 1 year now. I have seen the physio, the podiatrist etc and it does not seem to be too bad. “Mild tendinopathy” is the verdict. But I need to wait and see how it reacts to the increased mileage. It hasn’t stopped me from running a marathon so why not do nearly 4 marathons in a row then?!

So, now all I need is an actual place in the race. Let’s wait and see.