Sunday, 16 January 2011

Back on track

…or rather trail I should say. Today saw me running one of my hard and long Fling training runs from last year, up to Loch Tom and back, 25K with quite a hill to climb in the middle of it. I was supposed to run 18M yesterday with the girls from the club but when I saw the horizontal rain I bailed out. I had done 14M the weekend before and was keen to get another long run in. So I postponed it until today when it was dry but still very windy. Thomas had a date at lunchtime (yes a date! A female colleague wanted to meet him for coffee!). So rather than spying on them I decided to go for a run (you have to get your priorities right.) I packed my backpack and went out to see if I still had it in me. I pushed myself up the hill without walking and though it was a battle at times I finished the run sore but happy.

So the weekends have been quite good training wise but it is the sporadic running during the week which is my down fall at the moment. I have been really tired from work and it does not help if you have a medical student shadowing you for 4 weeks. And I mean SHADOWing. How young are they nowadays?! It is quite funny though to get little snippets of her life and besides passing on a bit of medical experience I can’t help myself but dishing out a bit of advice on life in general. She is from Orkney and when I asked if she knew Graham Harcus (who has ran with T a few times) I was informed that Orkney has 25.000 inhabitants on 92 islands. I guess not then. But I’m getting side-tracked.

I hope to run a few club races and keep the long runs up with the girls who will also do Edinburgh. Closer to the time I will link into my trusted 10-week Marathon plan for a time between 3:45 and 3:59. Though a few distractions might change that. We have already had a few “bookings” for our “guestroom with a view” and I guess family and friends will have to get used to being dragged along to races. My nephew and his girl-friend are the next guests at the weekend of the Nationals. Then there are friends at the time of the Fling and 2 visits to Germany at the beginning of April.

In 2 weeks time though I will be back on the WHW for a WAG-run (Wives and girlfriends for those who don’t know). While the fast ones will run from Drymen to Beinglass Katrina (JK’s wife) and I will be running from Beinglass towards Carmyle Cottage to give us around 2 hours on the WHW. HABs welcome too by the way (Husbands and boyfriends). If anyone is interested in joining leave a message so specific times can be arranged.