Saturday, 16 April 2011

No running

... for over 10 days now due to a bad cold I caught while in Germany! I blame my mum who had exactly the same symptoms when I met her last week. 2 days later the virus had struck but due to her 70th birthday party and other family visits there was no time to rest. We got back last Sunday and it was time to go back to work on Monday after a 2-week-break so not the best time to phone in sick! I got through Monday but then had to give in with no voice and coughing fits that would have scared every patient away. With the trip to Germany, my wee nephew visiting and this cold I have now missed at least 2 long runs for my Edinburgh Marathon training not to mention the shorter runs! Not good! I probably have to adjust and maybe accept that I might not break the 4 hours this time. Well I knew I would be busy, but did not allow for any illnesses to get in the way too. I am better now though and managed to go for a 5M slow run this morning - not the 20M I should be doing but at least I am running again. I do have a supportive husband though who told me last night I was lacking total sharpness anyway and I should stick to what he thinks I am good at - endurance! Well, he wishes! By that he means of course I should just train long and slow to do ultras where I don't need any speed for the times I would be doing, i.e. finishing, rather than getting hung up on beating times such as a 4-hour Marathon. Well he can talk. He does well in ultras AND gets fast times in a HM or Marathon. I do really want to improve my Marathon time and would love to have a sub 4-hour one though. My last longer run was after the MacPirates Engagement Party from BoO to Kingshouse with Katrina and Maya. I enjoyed it despite the hail and constant rain until we were half way across Rannoch and the sun came out! My wee nephew did well on his visit and was introduced to trail running and supporting on the WHW! Much to my family's dislike he had opted last year to join the Athletics division of "Schalke 04" (watch out, now in the Champions League semifinal against Manchester and my home town club!) rather than the local football club. He loves running and is hoping to beat his uncle one day!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Anglo-Celtic Plate 2011

Just a quick blog to put all my thoughts and experiences from the 100K Race in Perth to paper/memory before they fade.

I have never been that nervous before a race, not even before Tam's(:-)) 3rd WHW attempt! I did not sleep at all the previous night and was very glad that the night was 1 hour shorter. And I wasn't even running! But I knew how much this race meant to Thomas,not only having a serious go at this "classic distance" but having been picked for the Scottish Team and wanting to do his best. He of course had put himself out there with a dream goal of 7:30 and I so wished that on the day he would be able to show that his selection into the team was a good one!

But again 1-2 weeks before a few worrying issues crept up with the shoe problem being the major one. He only bought his shoes 1 week before the race trying out various ones before. Then the spreadsheets appeared and I got a lecture every night after work how to use them and what to put on the board for every lap. I could not take it much longer...

Then at last the race started! A great day for supporting, a great atmosphere in the whole team and we were both made really welcome. I set up my wee table with everything I needed. And faithfully changed the board every single lap with infos about laps done, Km done, average pace etc. Needless to say he did not look at it once! He also early on demanded other items than were listed on his plan and as I only had 2 hands for the handover with one holding an already opened gel I was kind of limited to what I could offer him as alternatives! It also did not help that I had to run to the toilet twice myself in the first 10 laps confusing him further. But Marco was a great help. He was my backup and calmed me down a bit. Thanks a lot for that. He also brought me coffees but I hardly drank or ate anything throughout the race myself. I relaxed a bit later and it was great to chat to a few people for a few min at a time until Thomas came by again. I also enlisted the help of Katrina, John, Caroline and Neal so we had between 4-6 hands to have gels,bars or drinks ready. But of course in these laps he did not want anything.

When he started to slow I was getting worried but Marco told me he would hopefully pick up again in the last bit as he can do and did do. I just loved the sound of the hoot indicating his last lap. He finished in a fantastic time of 7h:42min. What a great result. I am so proud of him. He came home with 3 medals and a race momento, 9th place overall, 2nd Scottish Vet and the Anglo Celtic Plate for Team Scotland.

Check out the race pictures:

And it was fantastic to be there and see how well Debbie did. Absolutely amazing. It was great to get to know the other Scottish team members, see Craig win and watch everyone's race and battle unfold. Congratulations to everyone for finishing, for PBs, for winning the Men's Team Plate and for putting the race together!