Monday, 26 December 2011


So with 2012 approaching very fast, a quick recap of 2011 before my full attention is needed for the New Year.

I had a great year running wise, with new PBs in 5M, 10K, HM and Marathon, but what was more important was getting under sub 1:50 for the HM and sub 4:00 for the Marathon for the first time. I had worked hard for this in the past couple of years and finally achieved it and it felt great!

Thomas also had a great year so on the supporting side it was a good year too, really. Well, if I leave aside his dramatic delayed finish at the Fling and his knee operation! But running for Scotland in the 100K, a new sub-18 WHW PB and a fantastic 2nd place in the Devil were brilliant highlights for me too. And worth all the hard support work.

There were a few club races, club outings to Glen Massan and to the Bute Highland Games, lots of long runs at the weekend with the girls and more recently the XC relays and individual races with a Bronze medal in the West District for the Glenpark Lady Vets.

On a more personal level, we had lots of visitors and it was nice to welcome friends and family into our home and spend a wee while together. This was one reason I did not even think of running any ultra race this year as I knew I would not have the time or wish to put in enough training. Family occasions in Germany including my parents Golden Wedding and my nephew’s 1st day at school were memorable occasions. Back here there were more memorable occasions to attend, including Lee and Dave’s engagement and Helen and Richie’s wedding.

There was not much inline skating this year as once I knew we were not going to the Berlin Marathon there was not much point putting skating before running. This will be tackled again next year though as my eyes are set on a new PB with my new racing skates!

Finished the year off with an ultra in fact, the Yamaa Trust Winter Ultra, 28M to set myself up for 2012! The Marcothon was also taken up to get my mind focussed on one thing and one thing only! RUNNING! :-)

Why? Because in 2012 I will attempt the West-Highland-Way Race, 154Km or 95M from Milngavie to Fort William, a route that took us 6 days when we walked it nearly 7 years ago for our honeymoon. I am slowly getting excited though most days I try to push it out of my head that my name is on the start list. But I know once 2012 has begun, I will become focussed – and scared …! Of course I have a great source of advice available 24/7. There is just the small matter of adjusting the pace and weekly miles to my level in order not to freak me out completely!

I will also do the Fling and the Devil and hope to complete the Triple Crown. In fact I am really looking forward to the Devil’s as my brother and his family will be here and will be supporting me. For the WHW Race I have a superb support team in place with Katrina and Nancy doing the 1st night shift and Yvonne and Heather from Glenpark doing the 2nd one. I will do the Fling with drop bags, looking forward to it already as there are also 2 Glenpark relay teams and Katrina running her 1st ultra!

So, once I have finished this week’s work, we will see the New Year in with a run on the Gleniffer Braes in great company. I will then head off to Germany for a week for my niece’s 18th. When I am back the Ultra-year will begin in earnest! Bring it on!

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year, may you take on your dreams, and may some of them come true!